Vendor / Trader Registration

The new INK & IRON™ Team is passionate to establish a significant footprint within the Tattoo, Car and Motorcycle Lifestyle Market with three shows per year in the key metropolitan areas of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. This will greatly increase the events’ attendance base throughout South Africa, with a broader opportunity for vendors and trade partners to access this audience countrywide and throughout the year.

INK & IRON™ is expected to attract over 10,000 visitors per day per show, with a steep growth curve projected over the next three years as the festivals’ reputation builds on the success of previous shows.

Vendor / Trade Information
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Stand information

By completing this form I hereby confirm that I am the legal representative of my vendor/trading operation, and accept all terms and conditions set out in this application. I also confirm that the deposit and full payment will be made within seven days of application approval and invoiced received, which will be communicated with attached invoice to me per email. I also confirm that all communication will be per email for record keeping purposes.


It is of utmost importance that all vendors/traders adhere to basic event rules and regulations as communicated and contained in the Event Safety and Security Plan, as it ensures and assist not only with the safety of all at the event, but also the overall success of the event.

Therefore, per stand attendance a refundable interest free deposit of R1,000-00 will be charged. The purpose of the deposit is to ensure that event rules and regulations applicable on the vendor/trader are adhered to. Should a vendor/trader not adhere to these rules and regulations, the vendor/ trader can forfeit a part or whole of the deposit, to the sole discretion of INK & IRON™ Management. Such transgressions of rules and regulations may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • • Any transgression that puts vendor/trader and other safety/security into jeopardy.
  • • Not adhering to set times regarding load-in and load-out.
  • • Not adhering to set trading hours.
  • • Entering the event site with vehicles outside permissible time frames.
  • • Leaving vehicles and other trailers inside the event site when not allowed.
  • • Wastage of water supplied, and/or damage to infrastructure supplied.
  • • Not ensuring general clean appearance of vendor/trader site.
  • • Not attending event booked for. If cancellation is received more than 30 days ahead of event, only deposit will be forfeited. If cancellation is communicated less than 30 days ahead of event, or due to a no show, the deposit as well as full booking payments will be forfeited.

Should the deposit or part thereof not be forfeited due to above or other, the paid deposit or part thereof will be refunded interest free within 20 business days after last day of event.

Proof of banking details with Bank Stamp, linked to the vendor/trader business or responsible person whose names appear on this application form, must be supplied before any refund will take place. Should such proof of banking details not be received together with this application, or within the 20 business days after last day of event, the deposit or parts thereof will also be forfeited.

INK & IRON™ also reserve the right of removal from site or refusal to site should any vendor break any event rules/regulations, or laws of South Africa. Such transgressions may harm the good name of INK & IRON™, the event, and any partners/sponsors of INK & IRON™. In such case, all deposits as well as full payments will be forfeited, and INK & IRON™ reserves the right to further legal action, whether criminal or civil.

INK & IRON™ also reserves the right to approve or not approve an application due to the specific product or service, or past vendor/trader history, based on INK & IRON™ reasons of any nature, and INK & IRON™ has no obligation to make such reasons known for whatever reason.

Lastly, your email address will be considered as your legal address for all communication purposes, and all mails sent by INK & IRON™ or its representatives will be considered as received.